I finally arrived home in Brooklyn this morning around 1am – almost 16 hours after my scheduled arrival – following the longest single stretch of sitting on planes and in airports I’ve ever experienced (and hopefully will ever experience for the rest of my life). Wind storms in Kabul on Tuesday afternoon delayed my outgoing flight to Dubai just long enough that, not only did I miss my connection, but I missed all the possible connections to the U.S. for that night. Thankfully I was able to get re-booked on a flight the following morning, but that meant both spending the night in a Dubai Airport lounge and adding an additional connection – in Memphis, TN of all places – to my trip back. My final flight path ended up being Kabul-Dubai-Amsterdam-Memphis-New York – what my parents would call “the scenic route.” 42 hours door to door. Ah well, it was an amazing trip and I made it home safe, so what’s a few extra hours here and there?

I slept through most of today and am hoping I’ll be able to get back on a normal schedule fairly quickly, but apologies in advance if my response time is a little longer than usual for the next couple days. I’ll post some additional photos from the trip this weekend, so check back soon for exciting retrospective action shots!