Today I met with the acting president of the Afghanistan Paralympic Committee and members of the ICRC, including Alberto Cairo, to discuss the possibility of working together to build a national organizational structure for the growth of wheelchair basketball. It was a great initial meeting and the Paralympic Committee was excited to have its current crop of players attend one of my training camps in Kabul. Additionally, they were receptive to the idea of working toward establishing a nationwide selection process for creating an Afghan national team (currently their team is made up only of players from Kabul who specialize in other events like track, tennis and power lifting and play basketball on the side).

The national selection point was an issue I thought might raise some resistance since they have their local system already in place, but they were very open to the idea of broadening the selection pool as long as they can figure out how to garner the budget to support it. Helping them find the money is a task for another day, but I’m hopeful this first meeting will lead to bigger developments in the future. Exciting stuff.

Here are a few photos of the men’s mini 3-on-3 tournament in Mazar, which consisted of six Mazar teams and two Maimana teams. As I wrote a couple posts ago, the Maimana teams managed to take first AND second place despite playing on Mazar’s home court. They’ve come a long way since getting trounced 34-8 in their first game against Mazar back in 2009! Many thanks to Fadi for his excellent camera work at both the men’s and women’s tournaments.