Now that I’m back in Kabul and preparing to head to Herat for a week, I thought I’d share some photos – most of them the work of my friends Paul Salvanes and Henning Krause – of the team from Jalalabad.

Blog 5

Teaching players to “leave the hand in the cookie jar” on their follow through (Photo by Paul)


Wasim (18), a potential future star player, practices dribbling and laughing at the same time (Photo by Paul)

Blog 12

Explaining the fine art of lining up for a free throw. Baby steps. (Photo by Henning)

Blog 6

Wasim races ahead of the defense during a scrimmage game (Photo by Paul)

Blog 7

The crowd of spectators who came to watch every day before school (Photo by Paul)

Blog 8

Coach Mahboob (on my right) translates my direction to “put your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care” (Photo by Paul)

BLog 9

Noordin, the 18 year old player who was shot by a Taliban soldier six years ago, rendering him a paraplegic

Blog 10

Aman Ullah is a truly nice guy who is one of the team’s natural leaders.  That said, I wouldn’t mess with him.

Blog 4

Jalalabad superfans Paul, Henning and Verbena (photo by Henning)